We are a family and we stand behind Amavi Apartments. We answer your emails and meet you at the airport, we chat with you on a phone and come to check if everything is alright, we advise you on restaurants around and order taxi for you. Because we travel too, and we know exactly what we ourselves expect from hosts. Trying to keep in mind all little things from a guest and a host side we manage the whole process with you and give you the most of our attention.

We came to Prague several years ago and we absolutely love it, this is why we would like to share it with you. This city is amazing and has so much to offer to tourists with any interest and of any age. We always bring the newest brochures and catalogues of what's happening in Prague for you to be able to check it out.


We are obsessed with cleanness and comfort and when we started to work on our interiors we took our time to remember what we ourselves liked in places we stayed. Kitchen is always fully equipped, tea, coffee, sugar and so on are basics. Bathroom accessories are also a must. WiFi is always available in all our apartments, as well as city maps, for example.


We understand how complicated the city transport can look sometimes, so we decided to organize a transfer for you. Now we can take you from the airport of railway station upon your request. Please note, that reservation in advance is needed. All our apartments are located in the most popular and active areas, however, since accommodation is a place to sleep after a long walking day, all of them are hidden in very quiet and calm corners in historical buildings. You should not be afraid, your comfort will not be disturbed by city sounds.